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Livre Humour - Star Wars - Be More Boba Fett

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Catégorie de recherche: Booba, feet, Drôle, humour, fun, Dark Vador, Ténèbres des Sith, Leia, Vader’s, illustrations non incluses dans le livre.
Couleurs dominantes du produit: Jaune
Marque: DK
EAN: 9780241541821

Throw aside the 9-to-5 and discover the joys of going freelance!

In a big wide galaxy you'll find every personality type. There are those who want to work for a large, stable employer like the Imperial Navy, pushing buttons on a space cruiser. There are also those who are content living the simple (but dull) life of a merchant or moisture farmer. And then there are those special few who long for the freelance life.

If you aren't afraid of grueling (and sometimes frowned upon) work, traveling to exotic locations, and being your own boss, you may find guidance in the wise words of those who have been there. Be More Boba Fett will help guide you on your path to the independent life of a successful entrepreneur.

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